Our Company

We strongly believe the creation, innovation and technology has to reach the people beyond social and economic barriers.

CEO, Gajas Putih.

Gajas Putih is a firm managed and under the control of Enthusiastic, Energetic & Young Entrepreneurs, Engineers and team of experienced Corporate Players. The Group has 5 main business lines diversified into engineering, aviation, advertising, IT and social entrepreneurship. Constantly evolving, we are expanding organically into various new segments through strategic investments around the world.

Gajas Group is a customer centric organisation organization with a wealth of experience in the industry within our team members. Our experience within the industry enables us to address the many and varied needs of our customers and deliver the kind of service that makes us their first choice time and time again.

We hold a Strong Business and Human Values in all our business undertakings.

At Gajas, we believe that the interests of business, environment and our global community must be addressed in balance to develop meaningful and effective sustainable solutions. We approach sustainability through a triple focus, incorporating Environmental, Economic and Social considerations.